API Integration: 3 ways to take your company to the next level

API Integration

Achieving seamless API integration is no longer a luxury. In a world increasingly reliant on cloud-based operations, mobile applications, and disparate software systems, an integrated application program interface (API) solution is an absolute requirement to increase efficiency and generate growth. But what is an API, and how exactly will it help your business reach its full potential?


APIs, explained

An application program interface, or API, is a digital solution creating clearly defined methods of communication among various software components. With effective API integration, your business can join multiple applications, platforms, or other systems together in a seamless process to create automated functions that save time, improve staff and customers’ experience, and generate increased growth. 

For example, at CAPIOT we recently engaged with a large utility provider in the US that needed to provide real-time customer service updates from its advanced metering interface. By implementing an elegant API integration, the utility provider was able to connect the system it uses to measure customers’ utility usage with a new system for customer service notifications. Instead of forcing staff to switch from application to application manually, API integration provides a simple interface with programmed operations that keep things simple and effective.


Which API integration is right for me?

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