API Integration: 3 ways to take your company to the next level

API Integration

Achieving seamless API integration is no longer a luxury. In a world increasingly reliant on cloud-based operations, mobile applications, and disparate software systems, an integrated application program interface (API) solution is an absolute requirement to increase efficiency and generate growth. But what is an API, and how exactly will it help your business reach its full potential?


APIs, explained

An application program interface, or API, is a digital solution creating clearly defined methods of communication among various software components. With effective API integration, your business can join multiple applications, platforms, or other systems together in a seamless process to create automated functions that save time, improve staff and customers’ experience, and generate increased growth. 

For example, at CAPIOT we recently engaged with a large utility provider in the US that needed to provide real-time customer service updates from its advanced metering interface. By implementing an elegant API integration, the utility provider was able to connect the system it uses to measure customers’ utility usage with a new system for customer service notifications. Instead of forcing staff to switch from application to application manually, API integration provides a simple interface with programmed operations that keep things simple and effective.


Which API integration is right for me?

Now that you know the benefits a great API solution can provide, the question transitions from ‘Should I use API Integration?’, to ‘Which API Integration is right for me?’. What is the best way to move forward? 

When selecting an API integration partner we often suggest working through two simple questions: 

1. Has your implementation partner defined a clear ROI and path to achieving it?

Often times enterprise brings in implementation partners with a specific mindset and a project related to connectivity as scope. This is actually an anti-pattern. Instead, we recommend bringing on an implementation partner who is able to demonstrate the long term ROI of API integration and clearly lays out a blueprint to achieve the same. 

2. Does your API connectivity vendor provide more than just expertise on the tooling?

In any integration project, the tool is an easier decision. What is important is bringing on the right processes and people with the right mix of assets and experience who can guide your team and drive the project to successful completion.


What concrete benefits will API Integration bring to your business?

Chances are high that your business utilizes a myriad of technologies to deliver your service or product. These technologies offer critical functionalities, but unless they are all seamlessly working together, your business is missing out on huge opportunities. With API integration, you ensure that all of your technology-enabled processes are communicating and cooperating with each other. And best of all, they are doing so with minimal staff-time required by your team. 

If your company uses various software, mobile application, or cloud-based solutions but does not allow these functionalities to work together, you will miss out on critical opportunities. With CAPIOT’s API integration, you choose the best software solutions for your business, and rest assured that they will all work together to deliver the comprehensive solution you desire.


API Integration keeps your company current and informed

API integration network server

With more data and digitally-enabled business processes than ever, your company must gather and leverage information from a variety of sources quickly. CAPIOT’s API connectivity makes this data-collection an automated process. We also program solutions that help you analyze this data more clearly, and translate these insights into action. The right API will create structured availability of data and unlock digital functionality (assets) upon which your organization relies.


API Integration helps you keep things simple

At CAPIOT, we are experts at designing intuitive, elegant, and easy to consume API integration solutions. API integration creates efficiencies by allowing you to make changes in a single interface, while still updating and driving action in multiple systems. 

If you rely on staff to manually initiate point to point connections, you will miss out on amazing efficiencies to combine and reuse multiple operations that will enable agility and therefore competitive differentiation. 

Imagine your business’s customer onboarding, customer servicing, customer experience interfaces, payment operations, treasury, financial tracking, remittances, collections, fraud management, and more, all taking place in one intuitive interface, orchestrated via APIs. By changing the process or adding new channels, your operations will be significantly easier, less risky, and more importantly, will allow your team to continuously leverage legacy investments for ongoing improvements. Whether web-based, or on a convenient mobile platform, elegant API connectivity links these moving parts so they communicate with each other and provide constant updates for your employees, stakeholders, and/or customers. 

Of course, even the most intuitive of API platforms require effective implementation. training. Selecting the right API integration platform is vital, but it is also important to ensure that your integration services provider knows the process backwards and forwards, and possesses the highly detailed level of understanding necessary to ensure your connectivity outcomes are scalable, extendible, and fault-tolerant for every possible need that may arise.


Experience, passion, and customization 

CAPIOT is a leader in helping organizations deliver on API integration outcomes. Our team of experts brings more than 20 years of experience working directly within the connectivity space. We are able to customize API integration for partners based on their specific needs and goals. Just as importantly, we take great pride in helping our clients reach the next level and are passionate about exceeding their expectations for ease-of-use, turnaround time, and lasting positive impact. 

If you are ready to leave fragile and manual point-to-point approaches behind, it’s time to reduce risk and maximize value for your enterprise with CAPIOT. To learn more about the benefits our API integration services will unlock, and reach new heights of seamless connectivity, contact CAPIOT for a personalized consultation today!

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