Driving agility through systems of differentiation


Data-driven application development, an area that until recently was limited to only IT teams, is increasingly falling under the radar of business leaders. One reason for this is the need to align technology with the business to enable differentiation and innovation.

So, when developing modern applications, Gartner encourages organizations to consider three different system layers as per its Pace Layered Application Strategy. These are:

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Legacy Modernization – Are you asking the right questions?

legacy modernization

At CAPIOT, for over five years now we have been helping customers move forward by modernizing their ability to share data seamlessly across the organization. Increasingly, we come across enterprises desiring to transition from on-premise monolithic applications to highly dynamic microservices-based cloud native applications.

The first step for us in those conversations is to ensure that the right questions are being asked. Not just technical but also the people and process questions. In this post, I have touched upon what we see are key questions and approaches that organizations should ask  (or need to ask) to navigate this tricky terrain of legacy modernization. 

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Before beginning your cloudification journey

Before you embark on your journey to cloudify your application(s), you may need to examine a few things such as the benefits offered to your business, your user base (in-house, external or both), identification of the application(s) to be migrated, prioritization in case you want to migrate a bunch of applications and the impact of the migration on your organization’s overall business and IT processes. Read More

Why cloudify what isn’t broken?

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis that saw century-old institutions such as Lehman Brothers go bankrupt, the settling dust poses interesting challenges and opportunities for optimizing costs. Banks, telcos, airlines, manufacturing units and even governments across the world are doing their best to cut their cost in every possible way, yet, each of these industries needs to invest in innovation to remain competitive.

In the midst of this tightrope walk balancing innovation and costs, the cloud has been an attractive enabler, forcing technology companies to change the way they do business, creating new value-based pricing models for selling hardware, software and services. Read More