CKYC(Central KYC): Here’s Everything You Need to Know


At CAPIOT, we have been helping our clients – banks, SFBs, NBFCs – to comply with CKYC guidelines. In our conversations with people from operations, compliance and technology team, we came across several questions which we have answered and compiled in this blog post. This will be helpful for all those who are responsible for CKYC related compliance in their organizations. (You may want to skip to the last few questions if you already have some knowledge of CKYC but want to know how to automate it.)

What is CKYC?

CKYC which stands for Central Know Your Customer is an initiative by the Government of India under which a registered customer is given a unique CKYC identifier that is valid and used across the BFSI segment – banking, insurance, mutual funds, provident funds, stockbroking, and other services. This is very convenient as the customer doesn’t have to register himself separately with every other service provider he interacts with. Read More

CAPIOT featured in “20 Fastest Growing Companies in India”

The CEO Magazine, featured CAPIOT’s success story in their latest edition. They spoke to Anil Kshirsagar, Founder and Executive Chairman of CAPIOT Software, to find about CAPIOT’s competitive advantage, growth momentum and many more.

In today’s world, digital industry always seems to be in motion. Pertaining to the statement, how the company maintained its momentum?

CAPIOT is a relatively young and dynamic company with highly talented employees motivated to solve challenging problems. We have grown phenomenally and exponentially in the last four years, and we also build strategic partnerships to serve the increasing demand from various industries. To read the full excerpts click here