The Digital Twin: a swiss-knife like enabler for digital transformation

As enterprises continue to work hard to meet growing digital needs, one of the key aspects to cracking the digital conundrum is: how to organize data? Legacy systems (aka mainframes) continue to exist and they really haven’t gone anywhere. Many of the customers we work with are coming up with creative ideas on how to meet the growing demands of digital business in terms of data velocity; higher throughput, lower latency, higher variety, and contemporary data types. Read More

aeSchema, XML, JSON and nostalgia

About a decade back, when I first installed the TIBCO proprietary messaging bus – TIBCO Rendezvous, also known as RV or TIBRV – at a customer location, it came across as a truly unique way of communicating between applications. Here was a logical bus, and all applications needed to do was to send or receive data on the bus over UDP broadcast. In fact, the two tools that TIBCO continues to ship to date, with the software, are tibrvlisten and tibrvsend.

Rendezvous at its time was truly innovative: it combined simplicity of use and setup with low latency and a neat architecture that combined TCP and UDP. Above all, it was so easy to troubleshoot, do a tibrvlisten “>” on the subnet and you could practically look at all the messages flowing in (also known in banking circles as major security breach, sometimes real, often exaggerated). Read More