AI in Enterprise : From Pilot to Mainstream

I had a moment of epiphany when a couple of days back I opened the business section of ‘The Hindu’ online and the headline screamed ‘Machine learning, AI top professionals’ reskilling list’. When a newspaper so steeped in tradition starts talking about AI skills I think it’s time to take notice.

Going by the narrative in popular culture AI & ML are either going to bring about world peace by making drugs cheaper, employees more productive and internet safe for everyone or they will destroy world peace with the rise of Skynet and terminators and making almost all of redundant. Read More

Citizen Data Stores – The Gremlins in your data

Colleagues and industry peers are thrilled about leveraging ‘data’ for the opportunity that machine learning and artificial intelligence provide. And why not, there is a lot of potential and demonstrated work.

But, there is a different ‘data’ perspective that we see when engaging with clients in the region. While there is a compelling urge to leverage data in new ways. The urge quickly turns to agonising pain caused by issues in getting the right data at the right time. The easily diagnosed pain comes from the inability to unlock the value of data from monoliths (legacy). The hidden and more acute pain though is caused by failure to leverage data from first-generation citizen data stores – The Gremlins Read More

Digital Transformation: From Monolith To Microservices

By 2020, IDC predicts that 50% of the Global 2000 will see the majority of their businesses depend on their ability to create digitally-enhanced products, services, and experiences. Organizations cannot meet the growing digital business demands- speed, ability to handle complexity, scalability- with the traditional way of building applications using a monolithic architecture that was prominent in the past decade. Now businesses have to support personalized experiences for different customers on different channels and to do this effectively, enterprises need to look for the alternative architectural style.
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The Digital Twin: a swiss-knife like enabler for digital transformation

As enterprises continue to work hard to meet growing digital needs, one of the key aspects to cracking the digital conundrum is: how to organize data? Legacy systems (aka mainframes) continue to exist and they really haven’t gone anywhere. Many of the customers we work with are coming up with creative ideas on how to meet the growing demands of digital business in terms of data velocity; higher throughput, lower latency, higher variety, and contemporary data types. Read More

Before beginning your cloudification journey

Before you embark on your journey to cloudify your application(s), you may need to examine a few things such as the benefits offered to your business, your user base (in-house, external or both), identification of the application(s) to be migrated, prioritization in case you want to migrate a bunch of applications and the impact of the migration on your organization’s overall business and IT processes. Read More

Why cloudify what isn’t broken?

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis that saw century-old institutions such as Lehman Brothers go bankrupt, the settling dust poses interesting challenges and opportunities for optimizing costs. Banks, telcos, airlines, manufacturing units and even governments across the world are doing their best to cut their cost in every possible way, yet, each of these industries needs to invest in innovation to remain competitive.

In the midst of this tightrope walk balancing innovation and costs, the cloud has been an attractive enabler, forcing technology companies to change the way they do business, creating new value-based pricing models for selling hardware, software and services. Read More