Champ in the house : Pallavi Wadhwani

Champ in the house : Pallavi Wadhwani

This month, our featured champ is Pallavi Wadhwani, a software developer who enjoys designing and implementing business workflows. Learn more about Pallavi as she juggles her work with her passion in the area of finance and capital markets.

1. Pallavi, as a software developer, what do you do?

I design and implement workflows/processes. The process involves requirement gathering, architecture designing, development, and deployments. I concentrate more on designing aspect as it is a building block of any application.

2. At CAPIOT, what technologies do you get to work with?

I have mainly worked with TIBCO Products. TIBCO Business Works and Business Process Management are my areas of expertise.

3. What keeps you working in CAPIOT?

CAPIOT also focuses on a lot of open source technologies for eg. MEAN Stack, ELK, Apache Camel, Docker, Kubernetes etc. With products like ODP and XCRO I see CAPIOT as one of the leading members in the industry.

4. Currently, what interesting projects you’re working on?

I an working on ESCROW project to simplify the complexity of managing escrow deals. Our project aims to reduce risk, improve productivity and automate execution for the financial institutions.

5. How do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?

For me number of hours never matter. I try to outperform in those 9 working hours so that when I am at home I get time to spend with my family and friends.

6. Tell us something about you that we don’t know.

I am interested in learning Capital Markets. I have cleared CFA Level 1. Dance is my passion. I like to draw Mehendi, Rangoli and make cards.

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