Partner Management Automation – What does it mean for banks

Partner Management Automation

Customer experience today is everything. Today’s consumers not only desire lesser wait time but also full attention, personalized service and automation. As it is for an individual consumer, the same is applicable to corporate customers as well. However, we are seeing banks still working in their traditional one-size-fits-all platform that use retail banking technology even for their partners with little to no bespoke changes. Today’s digital natives and startups are already bringing to life the idea of tomorrow and while all the other processes of business is seeing some or the other form of innovation and disruption, banking is still lagging behind due to hesitant adoption of innovation. To cope up with the changing dynamics of the new-age business, there is demand for smarter banking solutions that can be integrated in these businesses without much hassle and provide a much needed transparency. 

The whole process from corporate partner on-boarding to data exchange between the bank and the business is a tedious and opaque process, heavily dependent on IT and operations team. This dependency results in cost intensive operational tasks that involve expertise and also increase the time taken to complete the task. Integrating a new partner into the bank’s ecosystem is a lengthy process due to a lack of a smart solution. Is there a way to make the data exchange and communication between business and banks clear, faster and flexible?

CAPIOT’s C2B or Corporate to Bank Platform is a platform that is flexible, secure and scalable that ensures setup and data exchange between bank and business within minutes. While reducing the dependency on IT, C2B gives Banks the freedom to acquire and manage business on a much larger scale. The other benefits of C2B are:

Real-time tracking –Seamless integration with the core system of the bank allows encrypted and secure streaming of data. Since C2B allows conversion of data in any format with files and APIs, it eliminates the need to spend countless hours converting data from one format to another just to upload it in the bank’s network. Additionally, C2B’s interactive dashboard makes tracking and monitoring of data exchange easier. It also allows you to identify and rectify any error in the data flow on a real time basis.

Partner Automation Software for Banks

Security – C2B uses modern 2-way SSL HTTP streaming techniques to ensure that files are not being interfered with anywhere in the exchange. Built on top of a role-based access control, AES256 encryption, OWASP-certified platform ensures that nearly every operational risk you have faced in the past with corporate payment automation is covered.

Business logic setup – Each corporate or partner has business logic, data storing and managing technique which is unique to them. However, this also makes data exchange between the partner and the bank a tedious process since the partner has to convert its data in a format acceptable by the bank and even after upload, it does not have any clarity about its data. With C2B, non-standard validations and complex business logic are set up in minutes allowing no data duplicity due to conversions.

partner automation software
Setup corporate-to-bank payment integrations – in less than 15 mins


Scalability – Containerized, micro service based architecture ensures banks the ability to scale up and down with ease and without any additional infrastructural costs.

While innovation in banking domain still has a long way to go, CAPIOT is bringing changes, one automation at a time. To know more about C2B (Corporate to Bank), write a mail at or call us at +91-77778-88673.