Millions of little interactions every day.

Context + Need + Speed

The average millennial spends about 200 minutes a day on their smartphone.

This time is spent in two categories of interactions: those that make up our professional and social engagements - e-mail, messenger, social media - and moments where we have a short-lived need. A micro-moment, where we're looking for a restaurant nearby, or we're trying to book an Uber, or plan a holiday. We're looking for information to act upon, or a product to purchase, or a service to consume.

As a brand, these micro-moments hold the key to successfully engaging with your audience. It involves understanding the context in which your customer is engaging, recognizing their need and matching it in realtime with a relevant product or service. Ultimately, the call to action has to be delivered in seconds before the engagement gets stale.

A connected architecture is the foundation on which your customer touchpoints - the web, mobile, social media and just "things" - will firehose moments into the enterprise. These moments are filtered, enriched and matched in realtime with evolving rules to make split-second decisions on how to engage.

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