Omni Data Platform

A data-smart foundation for a digital era business.

One platform, unlimited possibilities

Integrate, manage, and analyze data seamlessly on a single platform. Build the digital core needed to create new products, capture emerging opportunities, and stay change-ready, in a dynamic business landscape.


Data holds the answers to some of the most pressing business challenges. But it is often locked in silos and disconnected systems, stored in unique formats. People need simple, easy ways to interact with this complex data and find answers to the problems at hand; not decode rows and columns of unintelligible inputs or have incompatible systems hinder information flow. Omni Data Platform (ODP) exists for this very reason and helps humanize the data through the following journey.


ODP offers tools to bring the data from multiple sources and formats onto a common repository. The raw data can then be cleaned, modelled, and enriched to create meaningful data structures that people understand – about customers, products, locations. Standardized and reliable, these data assets are ready for sharing through APIs, and can talk to varied applications and systems.

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Reliable, accessible data flowing through the enterprise opens up possibilities. ODP applies enterprise-grade security rules, while providing the capability to configure who interacts with the data, when, and how. Role-based access permits users to apply existing data models to build new products and services; or create new data entities which can be repurposed. Or simply search the data to locate the exact information needed in real-time and even share with partners. Each action is tracked, permitting total control over access and accountability over usage.

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Data reaches its highest purpose when it offers intelligence. ODP supports raw data in numerous formats, analyzes it through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, and presents the resulting data stories visually. Users can spot relationships between different parameters, uncover patterns, ask ‘what if’, and find insights. This conversation between data, systems, and people, creates the foundation for a data-first culture, which powers business agility and precise decision making.

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