Data Insights and Analytics

Data analyzed and presented graphically, makes it easier for people to see patterns, spot trends, and understand new concepts. It reduces time to make meaning and surface insights – a crucial edge in a business world that demands instant responses.

Analytics for exponential impact

Using data to solve business questions involves working with hundreds of factors and variables. Their relationships are complex and dynamic, just like a business is. Connecting these dots to find insights can take time and specialized skills. CAPIOT reduces the barriers between business users and data-driven intelligence, by bringing self-service capabilities to insights generation. Don’t just analyze data, visualize it too. Search, explore, and interact with it to gain actionable insights faster, and increase responsiveness.

Interactive Dashboards

Visualize data stories

Build visually-rich dashboards to gather and explore varied types of data in a single place. Select data parameters from drop-down menus and choose graphics that best represent them. Interact with visualizations, drill down to see specifics, spot outliers, and mark them for further querying. All this, without relying on IT support.

Intelligent Analytics

Discover insights faster

Statistical and machine learning methods bring advanced capabilities to classify, cluster, and forecast, making predictive analysis easy. Use the dashboard to search for the data parameter needed, and create visualizations as you go, no matter the volume of data or parameters. Reduce your effort and time to gain insights.

Actionable Insights

Real-time decisions

Apply analytics to process data in real-time and continuously generate fresh, relevant intelligence. Combine it with statistical data for a holistic understanding of concepts based on the past and present. You can take the intelligence a step further, by asking ‘what if’ to explore and validate opportunities. Plan for scale or preempt customer actions in those micro-moments that matter.

Individual Access

Role-based visualizations

Trace the details and explore data in-depth, as an analyst. Or build data dashboards that help business leaders get the big picture to make decisions faster. Either way, it’s easy to get the most out of your enterprise’s information and share with stakeholders.

Create a smart, swift, and relevant business.