Data Integration and Transformation

Connect enterprise systems and data assets to unlock new business capabilities, no matter your location or skills as a citizen developer.

Integration designed for the digital age

Disparate data buried in siloed systems has limited use in the digital age, as it cannot be shared. Cut through these barriers and integrate systems in easy steps; harness and transform data from multiple sources into coherent, standardized data assets. And then, expose via APIs to enable real-time access, right when needed. Omni Data Platform (ODP) brings these capabilities to business users, offering new ways to interact with data and drive enterprise agility.

Data integration

Connected systems

Build and deploy integration flows through user-friendly tools, to seamlessly connect on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based systems, customer touch points, and partners. Leverage this connected landscape to design new operating models, ally with digital-native partners, and drive business goals.

Accelerate connectivity

Pre-built connectors

Access to integrated data is essential for innovation. Bring together, clean, and transform data from different systems, ranging from Mainframes to Salesforce, using over 100 pre-built connectors. Integrate with various protocols and tools with ease. We uncomplicate it.

Data cleansing

Data enrichment

Receive data from the integrated data asset, in the way it needs to be consumed. ODP delivers data in different formats, based on the request received, removing the need for separate enrichment tools.

Data shareability

Real-time integration

Transform and share data across systems as it gets updated, irrespective of volume, velocity, or the number of stakeholders to share with. Governed access allows users to interact with information in real-time, effortlessly.

Data accessibility

API-first approach

Engage with the unified and transformed data exposed to applications via APIs. Even business users without technical expertise can access it and self-serve.

Scale on-demand

Scalable and reusable

Microservices-driven architecture ensures isolated scaling, increasing allocation to the specific microservice, and not the entire system. Users can also plug and play data assets across applications instead of building from scratch each time. Speed and reliability are now yours.

Create a smart, swift, and relevant business.