Data Management and Governance

Transform how you manage your most powerful asset: data. Secure, govern, and distribute it through a centrally managed hub, in surprisingly simple ways.

Data democratization made effortless

Data that is not standardized and accessible throughout the enterprise, is data with restricted value. At the heart of a data-driven company is a swift, secure process for reliable information to flow to people who need it, exactly when they need it. Omni Data Platform makes this possible by creating an API-first source of data, that is easily governed and distributable, so you can unlock value from it.

Data Transformation

Consistent data structure

Gather data fragments from different formats and sources, even legacy systems, and combine them to create meaningful data entities. ODP supports canonical and industry models to standardize data entities, which users can repurpose across digital use cases.

API First

Seamless access

Use APIs to distribute standardized data entities and expose them for use to other systems. The APIs can pull or push data onto applications, creating easy connectivity and information flows. Search, find, and apply just the information you need, in seconds.

Role Mapping

Security and scalability

Define and control who uses the data, when, and how. The platform helps centrally manage role-based access and data governance. Our microservices-based architecture scales access to a large volume of roles in isolation, without burdening the overall infrastructure.

Trusted Data


Extract data from any system, format, or application, and standardize it for the enterprise data repository. This is the true version of data, ready to support creation of new products and applications for your business, or to yield intelligence that drives decisions.

Create a smart, swift, and relevant business.