Manage complex Escrow deals with ease

A deal management product that effortlessly integrates with your channels and the core to manage Escrows.

Reduce Operational Expenditure

  • Complete solution for deal maintenance, transactions and reporting
  • Create complex rule based schedules for instructions
  • Single screen for all operational activities

Instructions Supported

Fund transfer Budget
Retention Balance reporting
Retention and transfer Hold marking
Retention and FD Hold release
FD creation / liquidation Debit/Credit freeze/unfreeze
Waterfall Account block/unblock
Feature Essential Standard One-stop
Deal Capture
Fund Transfer and bulk uploads
Balance reporting
Alerts and exception management
FD Booking and Liquidation
User access management
Retention instruction
Budget instruction
Waterfall instruction
Cap handling
Sweep in
Permitted Investments Fund Transfer and FD
Retention and transfer instruction
Enquiry audit
Mailbox integration
Fees engine
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