The enterprise backbone

Connecting Everything

In the digital era, businesses are re-inventing themselves to be more agile and deliver delightful customer experiences. The key to bringing it together is to enable a solid enterprise backbone of services that interact with your IT assets. At CAPIOT we help our customers on their digital transformation journey by creating the enterprise service bus, and building technology pieces of the future on top of it. We call this the architecture for agility approach, or #A4A


With decades of experience in building lightweight webservices that perform and scale, we are proud proponents of creating a landscape of reusable, well-thought out microservices.

Tech and tooling

We partner with the biggest and best tooling companies in the market - TIBCO, Oracle, Mulesoft, WSO2 - to deliver your integration requirements in an accelerated fashion

Canonical models

Our projects are delivered on the backbone of a rich library of canonical schemas across banking, logistics, telcos and retail, thereby reducing complexity and ensuring future readiness.

delivering the digital backbone

Meaningful digital relationships are built on a backbone of trust: data accuracy, on time every time. Our consultancy services ensure your success by combining our wealth of integration expertise with sound, agile methodology to give you the best value for money.

Automate like clockwork

The solutions we design and deploy usually work with little or no manual intervention. We believe in building a low-touch unattended connected landscape that simply runs without any fuss

Embrace change

Our clients are transforming the way they do business and always have new ideas that need to be incorporated. Our delivery teams marry discipline with flexibility to deliver quick wins and accommodate a constantly-evolving enterprise

Non-linear growth

Our clients are entering new markets where the data requirements are growing exponentially. The systems we design handle thousands of hits per second, delivering data in milliseconds, and sometimes faster.