ESB and API-led connectivity

Companies with cutting-edge integration strategies deliver projects faster, have low costs, and new revenue streams – leaving traditional enterprises behind. Connectivity solutions help, but, not if implemented in isolation. To win, companies need to replace point-to-point approaches with API-led connectivity. Products from MuleSoft, TIBCO and Red Hat help in executing the API strategy converting each integration into a reusable building block for a modern enterprise.

Proven integration expertise

The average business transaction these days crosses at least 10 different back-end systems. Every year, project volumes are expected to grow 32%, raising significant integration challenges. The inability to share data between systems and customize processes compromises time to market. More importantly, the lack of reusable integration hinders enterprise agility – a key ask in today’s digital age. CAPIOT helps companies address these challenges through pure-play integration with ESB and APIs implemented using state of the art products from MuleSoft, TIBCO or Red Hat so they can become truly modern enterprises.

Roadmap design

Begin your connectivity journey with a strategy that replaces archaic approaches with services that expose, transform, and deliver data on-the-go. CAPIOT creates future-ready roadmaps so you can initiate, scale, and grow connectivity – beginning with vertical-specific solutions and reusable assets for data and functionality sharing, right till fostering a shared asset organizational culture.

ESB and API implementation

Get new systems of engagement to interact seamlessly with customers and stakeholders through our industry-specific tools, IPs, and ESB solutions. CAPIOT has proven expertise and a complete suite of accelerators for ESB and API implementations in the retail, banking, insurance, and travel sectors. This coupled with our ecosystem of technology partners allow us to deliver measurable RoI within 8-10 weeks.

Automated monitoring

Slash risk, effort, and cost to monitor and support API-led activities. CAPIOT offers a comprehensive framework for automated alerting and notifications about all data-related activities. We leverage the right tools and practices to enable data traceability at an organizational level for effortless, real-time monitoring of high-speed data and instant remediation in case of failure.

Flexibility. Reusability. Agility.

  • Say goodbye to fragile and manual point-to-point approaches. Reduce risk with reusable API-led connectivity and data integration.

  • Maximize value from your enterprise IT assets, on-board new partners, and unlock new revenue streams faster.

  • As an API-enabled enterprise, you have on-demand data and functionalities. Improve time to market, iterate faster, and do more with your budget.

  • Exposed data sets are available to business users, increasing productivity and ability to innovate. Improve RoI on digital initiatives and transform the way your people, processes, and systems work.

CAPIOT’s connectivity services made a large bank more agile.