Insights Engineering

Data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. When properly leveraged, it guides successful business, marketing, product, and engagement strategies – all powered through timely insights. However, many companies are still unsure of what data to measure, how to extract it from disparate systems, and how to derive value from it.

Our Offering

CAPIOT Insights Engineering Service aims to help companies collect, convert, and orchestrate the right data to operate in smarter and faster ways. This enables capabilities like automated insurance underwriting for real-time credit decisioning, single product views across channels, spend analytics to optimize cost and resource utilization, and instant banking alerts on the next best offer.

Enable data storytelling

Communicate your ideas more powerfully through data storytelling and rich visualization. CAPIOT helps you ask the right questions about your data, so you can address relevant business problems. It’s not just about extracting data but identifying the right data sources, what KPIs to measure, and how to monetize these. Browser-based tools allow you to slice, dice, and wrangle data in any type or format for actionable insights. Moreover, our unique story-led approach allows easy iteration within the dashboard, so different users can discover new relationships between parameters relevant to them.

Engineer data the right way

Once you know what data you need, it has to be cleansed and prepped, which can be a time-consuming and effort-laden task. CAPIOT helps you break data silos, cleanse, and classify data (using machine learning, where needed) to create a clean and trusted source of information.

Deploy enterprise-scale machine learning initiatives

Unlike software delivery, machine learning projects need a different approach to drive maturity and agility. CAPIOT has a proven, structured, and iterative approach to build, test, and scale machine learning for incremental improvements. We leverage automated tools to introduce new and cleansed data feeds or innovative algorithms, thereby powering continuous learning. This DevOps-like approach helps you derive maximum value from your machine learning investments as you optimize, reuse, and rollout the model across the enterprise.

Become a data-first organization

  • Strategic partnerships with TIBCO for over 150 plug-and-play connectors and H2O.AI for driverless AI.

  • Simplified UI empowers business users to define the right dashboards, so they can engineer data to tell meaningful stories.

  • OOTB predictive capabilities uncover patterns and trends, to create accurate forecasts with interactive visualizations.

  • Users leverage their strengths and collaborate – IT teams can focus on data engineering while business teams define custom visualizations to solve real business problems.

We can help uncover the value hidden in your data and apply it to solve pressing business challenges.