Platform Engineering

To become data-driven enterprises, organizations need modern foundational capabilities to store, access, consume, and visualize data. These capabilities act as the bedrock on which new operating models can be built so businesses can compete aggressively, improve performance, and accelerate time to value.

Our Offering

CAPIOT Platform Engineering Services equip businesses with platforms that offer next-gen capabilities to manage, govern, and distribute data in real-time using specialist data stores, API-led access, and rich visualization. Our roadmaps leverage digital-first technologies for the cloud-native world. Armed with this foundational technology landscape, you can achieve frictionless product delivery and agile environments to test new business ideas.

Enable Data-as-a-Service

Enabling data as an asset that is seamlessly accessible across the organization is the key to digital enablement. CAPIOT provides a structured way to expose data from your legacy or SAAS systems. This ensures you have complete control of your
data governance and distribution in a self-service manner, so you can easily deploy applications that create truly delightful customer experiences.

From monolith to microservices

Decompose monoliths into microservices or build your own operating platform for a sustainable competitive edge. CAPIOT helps you re-engineer the technology landscape in a granular fashion, making it secure, real-time, and distributed right from its launch. This greatly simplifies how you manage data and allows you to reuse applications, enact changes faster, and extend operations on-demand. Tools from MuleSoft, TIBCO and Red Hat provide a holistic, platform approach to microservices, centered around API-led connectivity.

Achieve performance engineering

To win in the digital era, your technology assets need to be agile and scalable. CAPIOT delivers highly-performant and programmable infrastructure through legacy modernization, microservices-led architecture, and DevOps adoption. We leverage
cloud-native approaches for digital scale and faster deployment using a combination of tools and best practises, without disruption or vendor lock-in. With elastic infrastructure, you can quickly actualize new business rules, scale assets,
and eliminate performance bottlenecks for greater business process efficiency.

Engineer platforms to monetize data.

  • Accelerate organizational velocity with instant access to clean data and strong governance.

  • Inject new efficiencies with business-led technology that encourages reusability, thereby releasing IT teams from non-critical activities.

  • Scale infrastructure on-demand for better responsiveness to dynamic customer and market expectations.

Our platform engineering studio showcases how we drive business value through quick wins.