Banking & Financial Services

Financial enterprises run the risk of losing ground to competitors, given the changing landscape of customer expectations, fintech counterparts, and regulatory compliance. To reposition themselves, they need agile operating structures providing cutting edge banking and financial services, built by enabling seamless interaction between people, data, and systems.

A digitized ecosystem for growth

Disparate systems and data locked in silos block crucial insights – about customers, products, payments – and hamper a business’s responsiveness to change. By undoing the silos and giving people easy access to combined information streams, financial enterprises can find opportunities to stay relevant to customers, as well as bridge the gap between slow operating models and dynamic market needs. CAPIOT can help enterprises achieve this with speed.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Connect systems

Integrate systems and create a smooth flow of data across the enterprise landscape. Expose data through APIs, for easy sharing or use across different applications, paving the way for a new level of business agility.

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Gain one view of customers and products

Bring data from across channels and locations onto a common repository to make meaning of customer behavior and preferences. Create this integrated view for your products too. Give your teams a single picture of the truth and enable them to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Improve customer experience

Track live and historical data about customer interactions. Use AI-driven analytics to customize their on-boarding experience, offer the right products and services, and engage in real-time by even pre-empting customer actions. You can now understand deeper customer needs, while keeping a tab on risks.

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Automate escrow operations

Integrate multiple aspects of escrow operations and manage them from a unified hub, no matter the number of deals. Automate payments processing and reduce manual efforts to uncover more revenue-generation opportunities.

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Simplify partner integration

Build centralized connectivity with your corporate customers and create a digital hub for real-time processing of transactions. Manage volumes of data with precision, across formats (json/xml/SWIFT) or systems (Core, CTS, Bullion, NACH, CKYC, etc.).

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Track and trace across the enterprise

Connect data and systems for efficient and transparent operations. Track drilled down data based on specific persons, roles, or systems ranging from payments to Bullion. Or zoom out for a big picture view of teams and the organization.


Scale on-demand

Manage changing volumes of data and transactions, without additional infrastructure investments. A cloud-native approach to deploying capabilities takes the load away from legacy infrastructure, and uses a flexible model of scale to respond to changing needs.

A glimpse of our industry expertise

Over 700 banking and financial services, integrating more than 30 applications – we’ve designed and built this for a leading Indian bank.

Become the tech-smart financial partner your customers seek.