Disruption in the insurance industry is ushering in a need for new products, served to a wider audience. Delivering this while eliminating fraud requires an approach that is analytics-driven and backed by intelligent systems designed for the digital age.

Fewer technical obstacles, better insurance outcomes

Offering insurance for any need, be it a single cab ride or natural calamity damages, is a growth-oriented decision for insurers. But getting there is not easy, as current technology systems might not enable an agile approach to creating new products faster, while reducing policy and servicing costs. CAPIOT addresses these shifting market needs by modernizing legacy infrastructure, integrating data and systems, and offering analytics-based intelligence. These are the very capabilities needed to create new solutions, acquire customers, and compete in a digital landscape.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Become a connected enterprise

Integrate systems and expose enterprise data assets through API-led connectivity. Enable a smooth flow of data across processes, while allowing it to be repurposed for digital-era applications.

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Modernize legacy infrastructure

Recreate essential functionality residing in Mainframes through a microservices approach, and power it with data from the legacy systems. Create an agile, scalable infrastructure, removing the need to maintain inflexible systems or undergo an expensive overhaul.

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Understand customers better

Merge data from different channels to gain a single, 360-degree view of customers. Learn about their behaviors and the cost/benefit of offering insurance to them and build relationships that are productive.


Speed-up acquisition

Profile new customers based on their demographic details and past behaviors, with our on-boarding solutions. Compare this data with similar existing or past profiles, create personalized offers, and reduce time to on-board from weeks to days.

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Capture new distribution channels

Use an API-based approach to connect your systems with most mobile or web applications. Effortlessly integrate with digital-native partners and tap into varied distribution channels, to reach more customer segments.


Strengthen underwriter intelligence

Use Machine Learning and AI tools to find the best-fit policy for your customers, based on historical data. Create custom policies and convert on-boarding journeys into STP (Straight Through Processing). Thus, reduce underwriting errors, increase productivity, and mitigate business risks.


Reduce time to market

Create and modify rules related to auto-underwriting, policy validation, and other criteria, through a smart interface that needs minimal support from IT teams. This also reduces the load on mainframes, thus curbing the cost and maintenance efforts they bring. Now, launch new products faster and respond to compliance changes with ease.

A glimpse of our industry expertise

We introduced an API-first, customer on-boarding approach for a leading insurance company, and reduced their turnaround time from weeks to days. Over 20 integrated process flows, 85 APIs, and 100 decision tables later, the company today is nimble and fast in its operations.

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