Today’s customers seek speed, convenience, and choice, no matter the channel or time at which they engage with a brand. Which means, retailers need to perfectly sync their online-offline systems to get a unified view of the customer, and offer personalized services.

Moving from transactions to a unified experience

Customers window shop in brick and mortar stores, compare prices online, and shop on apps for deals. They expect a seamless, tailored experience across all channels and not isolated transactions. To deliver this consistently, businesses need to integrate legacy and digital assets, gain a single view of the customer journey, while tracking inventory, logistics, and communication across locations and devices. CAPIOT undoes data silos, and builds the digital foundations needed to manage such operations efficiently and engage customers better.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Gain a 360-degree view of customers

Gather fragmented customer data from across channels – PoS, CRM, mobile apps, etc. – and create a single picture of the truth. This helps build a deeper understanding of customers and find more ways to stay relevant to them.

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Manage products and inventory efficiently

Integrate product and inventory information from multiple systems for a unified view of what is available on the shelves and what lies in storage. Track and trace products, help customers find them with ease, and spot patterns to predict demand surges. Prep your entire value chain.


Build a connected ecosystem

Integrate with partners seamlessly, using API-led connectivity, no matter their technological landscape. Add new distributors faster, drive supply chain efficiency, or collaborate with digital natives to design and roll-out new offers quickly. It’s agility, delivered.

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Modernize legacy systems

Build digital functionality alongside core systems, and integrate them through APIs. Data from the legacy systems can drive digital use cases, helping businesses scale on-demand and respond to market needs. This reduces the cost and effort required to maintain or modify monolithic infrastructure.

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Use analytics for insights

Analyze live and historical data to gain intelligence about the retail ecosystem, like idle inventory or the quantum of products close to expiry. Bring the data to a single repository and view it to answer ‘what if’ questions, or test new strategies before implementing them.


Design compelling experiences

Tailor customers’ journeys from the moment they make contact with your business. Communicate on channels of their choice and capture micro-moments to make ‘then and there’ offers. Personalize their entire lifecycle of interactions with your business to strengthen loyalty and gain increased wallet share.

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Become a digital-first, customer-centric business.