Travel & Logistics

Across the travel and logistics landscape, customer expectations are changing, and digital natives are raising the bar in meeting their needs. Companies can outplay competition by harnessing the power of digital technologies, provided they first build the data-driven foundations necessary for it.

Data-first foundation for the digital era

Travel and logistics players face varied challenges. But a common thread runs through most of the solutions: need for seamless flow of real-time data. Be it to fulfill customer expectations as they search for packages, make bookings, and track orders. Or to collaborate with partners who want smoother on-boarding, and support for different sales formats. To enable this data flow at scale, enterprises need to modernize legacy infrastructure, integrate data from varied sources, and connect disparate systems. CAPIOT can help tackle these challenges and build an agile operating structure that’s responsive to market changes.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Modernize legacy systems

Decompose traditional monolithic core systems to functionalities designed via microservices-based approach, and create flexible, easy to scale applications. For instance, logistics enterprises can move data at high speed to the cloud - 10,000 rows/ minute – and enable real-time status updates to share with partners, without overloading the core.

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Scale to meet market surges

Microservices architecture enables adoption of truly programmable infrastructure, allowing you to manage seasonal peaks and changing data load, like millions of messages on Diwali which might reduce to a few thousand on other days. Run different offers, support increased searches and transactions, and create customized experiences for clients, without additional infrastructure investments.


Create trustworthy data

Gather and cleanse coarse data from different systems to maximize accuracy, be it for customer details, addresses, or hotel room descriptions. Or combine data fragments into standardized entities based on canonical models, to create valid data for sharing and analysis.


See the big picture

Unify data from different sources to build a single view of inventory, product sales, or customer journeys. This powers faster, consistent responses to customers across channels. Use AI/ML to extract intelligence from this integrated data and cross-sell, up-sell, or personalize offerings.


Connect with partners and suppliers

Leverage ESB services to integrate enterprise systems with hundreds of suppliers, using industry-relevant standards like the OTA or EDI. Create real-time flow of data for updating inventory, shipment searches, creation of packages, etc. APIs allow for ease of connectivity, no matter the systems or data formats your B2B partners use.

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Become a reliable, data-driven travel or logistics partner.