Customer On-boarding

Digital-native customers interact with businesses across multiple access points, seeking hyper-personalized experiences in real-time. Meet them on their channel of choice and build impressive interactions, with a nimble, AI-assisted on-boarding journey.

Lean, tailored on-boarding,
for strong enterprise growth

Traditional on-boarding experiences are paper-heavy and time consuming. They are built on a maze of enterprise processes, with different teams working in silos to address customer needs. CAPIOT’s digital-first process reduces such inefficiencies and helps create a personalized, swift welcome, no matter the channel. Our solution integrates and upgrades the enterprise backend process, and offers a unified view of customer data and products to support on-boarding. API-led microservices architecture lets systems scale to meet market surges and respond to evolving regulatory norms. That’s greater agility and faster on-boarding at half the time and costs.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Respond faster

Deliver a superior, omni-channel digital experience for customers, by integrating disparate backend systems. Standardized workflows ensure cross-department collaboration and reduce delays in processing requests.


Capture data securely

Automate collection of customer data, create profiles, and save them securely in your integrated database. Build on this data for use, as real-time interactions increase.


Get insights for on-boarding

Examine new customer profiles from across all channels, compare with historical data to assess risks, and offer suitable products. Make sound on-boarding decisions in minutes, to create meaningful journeys.


Improve regulatory compliance

An API-first approach enables business users to quickly configure rules and forms, to meet changing compliance needs. The power to modify processes rests with business users and does not require IT support.


Make data-driven decisions

Interactive, information-rich dashboards make it easy to explore and understand customer data, while the underlying machine learning capabilities help classify, cluster, and perform predictive analytics. So, teams can use data to make decisions with confidence and take the next steps faster.

We’ve made this happen for others too

A large insurance company migrated their rigid customer on-boarding process to our flexible solution, which integrated over 85 APIs, contained 100+ decision tables, and went live in under 7 months.

Become a relationship-driven business.