Escrow Automation

Conventional approaches to managing escrow transactions are effort intensive and limit an organization’s productivity, while creating room for errors. By digitizing the entire process, banks can optimize operational costs and create new opportunities for revenue generation.

Simplify complex deals, increase capacity for success

Escrow deals are complex in nature, and managing them needs a bank’s transaction team to be on top of their game. The challenges compound when there are multiple deals which bring many applications, data systems, and partners into play. CAPIOT’s XCRO solution integrates different applications, offering a single hub to manage all aspects of the escrow automation business, thus removing manual errors and delays. It’s clockwork precision and an ability to manage the vital details, along with automated payments processing for true operational ease.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Increase revenue

XCRO digitizes end-to-end processes, from on-boarding to deal creation, payment processing, and closure. This single integrated platform performs multiple aspects of escrow, so you can manage numerous deals without switching applications.


Mitigate risks

Automated processes lessen dependence on manual work, so you can reduce errors when it comes to regulatory sanctions and customer defections like manual budget calculations, or complex arrangements like TRAs or M&A.


Integrate with ease

XCRO integrates with various applications like CBS, DMS, SMS, and email gateways, presenting all relevant deal information, in real-time, in one place. So, transaction teams can focus on managing the deal than on managing data.


Act faster, with confidence

One view of all deal related data and activities removes the need to check different applications for status updates. Reduce monitoring of transaction requests or checking agreements before approving events. Track automated actions, and act right on time.


Monitor and analyze

Dashboards make it easy to track real-time actions in the deals at the business unit level. Management can also get a single snapshot of the revenue generated across business segments and geographies, and use this data for sharp, strategic decision making.

A one-stop solution for managing escrows and their payments end-to-end.

One Roof

Capture all deals under one roof, providing a single, unified view to the escrow operations team.

Deal Lifecycle management

Manage complete lifecycle of a deal from creation through execution to reporting.

Unprecedented Levels of Automation

Schedule and execute deal instructions based on complex rules, in an automated manner

Integrated solution

Leverage pre-built integration with CBS. Also, connect with other systems like DMS, LDAP, SMS Gateway and so on

Configurable fee engine

Invoice customers with configurable payment schemes – fixed, recurring, based on transaction usage (count, volume), and so on.

Simplified Compliance

Track documents and generate audit trails across all activities – deal, budget etc. - within escrow system

Become digitally smart to enable the best deals.