Legacy Modernization

The digital world offers new opportunities for your business, but ageing systems – monoliths with siloed data – can stop you from tapping into them. CAPIOT modernizes your legacy ecosystem, offering both the strategy and technology foundation needed to achieve agility and thrive using a data-first approach.

Core capabilities refined for the digital age

Legacy systems offer enterprises stability. They hold the blueprint of business, along with core data. But, they could turn into roadblocks when meeting changing market needs, as they weren’t built for digital use cases. Over time, they turn expensive to maintain or change, and cannot support the scale or demands of a 24/7 digital business and the streams of new data it generates. Replacing such systems is a must to attain speed and flexibility, yet the idea of an expensive overhaul which disrupts critical operations can face resistance.

CAPIOT’s phased approach to legacy modernization helps integrate systems, source data from them, and govern this data to share across business processes. That’s the key to agility.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Identify opportunities for change

Assess the enterprise IT ecosystem and identify use cases to demonstrate results. This could include systems that don’t support new use cases like geo queries, don’t scale easily, or consume more hardware due to increased access by digital use cases. CAPIOT builds new digital functionality to support these business cases, while keeping the core systems intact and drawing data from them. Here, the foundations for digital capabilities are created, exposing data from legacy sources for sharing, governance, and use.


Recreate functionality

Existing monolithic applications from the legacy environment are decomposed into microservices, making the applications smarter, faster, and easy to modify for digital needs. When done right, this reduces maintenance costs and efforts. Individual capabilities can be scaled as needed, without a linear increase in associated costs.


Redirect functionality from core

Transactions move to the digital systems, and new capabilities are built on them, while data flows to the legacy backend till the services can be completely decoupled from it. This reduces the load on the legacy system, making it a system of record.


Gain readiness and agility

Now, find and share data in a secure way with colleagues, partners, vendors. Or analyze the data to get connected intelligence from across the enterprise, to make informed decisions faster. With this, innovate, reduce time to launch new applications and products, increase enterprise velocity. A new business model to capture emerging opportunities is yours.

Become the next generation
digital leader.