Partner Management

Streamline and automate communication with your partner ecosystem. Exchange real-time data, no matter the technical protocol or file formats involved, and respond faster to changing market needs.

On-board multiple partners to scale your success

A business transaction chain has customers at one end and a well-oiled network of partners at the other. With growth comes an increase in the number of partners and customers, as well as the quantum of communication between them. That’s more data formats and variety of systems involved in transactions. To manage such scale successfully and build better relationships, integrate with partner/ customer systems and facilitate an automated flow of data in real-time. Track and monitor each data input to see business processes through completion, without managing lengthy email trails.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


On-board faster

On-board each unique partner in days and not weeks, by leveraging out-of-the-box connectors that integrate swiftly with different systems. Create partner profiles, define their preferences on the go, and use a secure SSL connection for exchanging sensitive data.


Make data management efficient

Add as many partners as needed, within hours. Manage volumes of data from them, with ease. CAPIOT’s solution scales to tackle changing data loads in peak business periods, with a microservices architecture that’s designed for efficiency.


Unify systems for better governance

Make partner management effective, with a secure, consolidated portal that gives a unified view of all data related to a given partner. Through this, track and monitor actions, send notifications, and follow through tasks in real-time.


Support multiple formats

Exchange information using a wide variety of protocols (AS2, SFTP, FTP) and file formats (XML, CSV, JSON, EDIFACT, EDI X12) that partners choose. Then transform the data into your preferred formats, for easy consumption within your team.


Better workflow integration

Define how you exchange data with your partners and create libraries of data structures based on their preferences. Manage inbound and outbound exchanges in a few clicks by automating process flow. Define logic-driven action steps, reduce human error.

Streamline and automate the exchange of information with partners.

Highly secure

Files are secured at rest and in transit with encryption and 2 way SSL techniques respectively

Visual mapper

Ability to execute customized business logic as well as integrate file-file, file-API and API-API integrations

Auto scaling / Auto recovery

Automated scaling on demand. Automated recovery of file transmission in the event of failures.

API abstraction

APIfy core systems and connect with external partners, suppliers, customers

Operational visibility

Ensure BAU is healthy by tracking and monitoring issues effectively at a BAU and transaction-level

Wide protocols and file formats

Wide variety of protocols including HTTP(S), SFTP, JMS, JDBC, TCP and standard formats like XML, JSON, EDI, SWIFT, etc.

We’ve made this happen for others too

A peak throughput of 10 million messages in 8 hours – that’s the result of a successful partner integration initiative with a leading logistics provider.

Become a business in sync with partners.