Real-time Customer Engagement

Micro-moments in which customers interact with your brand, offer the contextual cues you need to engage more meaningfully with them. Spot and respond to these moments in real-time with personalized offers. Communicate on customer-chosen channels and stay relevant to them.

Make the most of ‘now’

Each customer interaction, like a credit card swipe, liquidation of a deposit, or even clickstream data from mobiles and internet, is a micro-moment that can unlock opportunities for driving new streams of revenue and loyalty. It offers information about customer preferences, location, actions, and intent, generated in real-time. Capture and act on this data to create sharper customer experiences. You can cross-sell/ up-sell with precision, and respond to events as they happen, without losing out on opportunities.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


Apply the power of data

Correlate data – real-time inputs from micro-moments along with the enterprise profile of the customer – to create relevant and contextual offers that gain traction.


Enable real-time business outcomes

Track customer responses across all channels, gather feedback, and respond with next-best offers in a split second. Engage with customers on the channel, device, or time they prefer to keep your interactions personalized and relevant.


Analyze and improve RoI

Gain deep insights into the relevance of your products and services, based on conversion of the up-sell/cross-sell offers. Improve RoI by direct sales of products that work.


Respond faster

Use an intuitive interface and rules-based engine to configure offers on the fly; previews remove the need for extensive testing. Design and roll-out in minutes, without IT reliance. Our solution even works with your current systems, causing no disruption to the business.

Become a business responsive in real-time.