Single View of Enterprise Data

When teams across the organization, be it sales, operations, or the leadership, get a single view of enterprise data, they can speak the same language about customers and products, thus creating a unified business to transform the market. But first, enterprises need to integrate all data onto one hub, and allow access to one true, holistic picture.

A unified roadmap for business success

Businesses need to blend human knowledge with intelligence from data, to create new revenue models and exceptional customer experiences in the digital age. The starting point is an integrated view of customers, partners, and products, because fragmented data leads to critical gaps in knowledge. Traditional Master Data Management (MDM) systems are inadequate for the task, as they aren’t designed for the digital age, and cannot scale in isolation or support new use cases like social strength and geo-query. CAPIOT’s solution to this problem brings together, presents, and analyzes data seamlessly, to offer an end-to-end view of your enterprise journey.

We deliver tangible, lasting benefits for businesses. Here’s how:


A foundation for relationships

Bring together and transform all forms of data – structured or unstructured. Link this data to create a high-quality foundation that can uncover relationships across enterprise categories and yield key insights to augment daily operations or decisions.


Personalized customer experiences

Unified data from across channels offers a complete real-time view of the customer lifecycle – preferences, actions, locations – and generates ideas about how to engage each customer more meaningfully. Use this information to tailor omni-channel experiences for new or loyal customers and fine-tune selling opportunities.


Secure access and governance

As silos get undone, you know what data sits where and how it can help different people in the organization. Our data hub standardizes the data, permits role-based access, and allows data sharing using APIs. Even with vast throughputs, you can govern it intelligently, and keep blending real-time inputs with enterprise data for insights.


Lesser compliance risks

What KYC updates are pending, which products from your inventory are close to expiry and where – answer to these questions can help address large compliance mandates. Manage it all from one repository in real-time, and at scale, even during challenges like product recalls.


Analytics that matter

When different sources of data are leveraged with multiple layers of meta data, there could be discrepancies leading to faulty business intelligence. By having verified data in a single hub, you can analyze the relationships between parameters, derive insights, and make the right decisions with confidence.

Become the leader in making data-smart decisions.